BREMI has almost 100 years of company history in the automotive parts sector. Founded in 1927, the company has developed over the years into a specialist in the field of electrical and electronic vehicle components. Starting with the manufacture of contacts and rotors, the company soon moved into the complete field of ignition technology, including ignition cables, ignition modules and ignition coils.


The supply and continued proximity to the automobile manufacturers gives us an advantage over other companies in terms of product knowledge and quality awareness in this area. At our two main plants in Herrenberg and Suzhou, we do everything we can to meet and exceed external and internal targets day by day.


For more than a decade, the area of sensor technology has also been a central focus of BREMI. We have used and deepened our existing knowledge in the field of engine management in order to meet the demand for the highest quality and expertise. 
Thanks to these new skills in the field of sensor technology and the close cooperation with partners from all market segments, the latest project "EV-Safe" has been created.


The "EV-Safe" product was originally developed for fire departments and motorsport. The "EV-Safe" project was created between the partners and BREMI as a necessary safety tool for the emergency services in the event of accidents or breakdowns involving electrically powered vehicles or racing cars. 
Now this product is also available in a new version to meet the growing safety requirements of garages, tire specialists, breakdown services and many others.
EV-Safe is the product for e-mobility, combining safety, diagnostics and charging function in one tool.

Ev-Safe is SAFETY, DIAGNOSTICS, RECHARGE in one product!