OEM, P/N.: 400001

The EV-SAFE electronic device allows the functioning of the charging interface to be verified and secured for maintenance or rescue operations of plug-in hybrid PHEVs and electric BEVs.


  • Domestic/slow charging via 230Vac mains
  • Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery (for operation without mains connection)
  • Diagnostics of vehicle charging socket operation
  • Level 1 securing (movement lock) of the vehicle (*)
  • Second level security (electrical isolation test) of the vehicle (*)
  • Monitoring the contact temperature of the vehicle charging socket/chassis
  • Wi-Fi interface with ad-hoc network (web server) for real-time display of device status
  • Connecting the EV-SAFE device to the local Wi-Fi network for possible firmware update and data transmission to the remote server/portal

(*) Safety functions implemented by the vehicle's internal systems